My principle research lies in the field of Theoretical Cosmology. I am particularly interested in understanding inflation and the subsequent stage of reheating: the period when the universe first got populated with particles during the hot big bang. I have been exploring the rich nonlinear dynamics during reheating, the initial conditions for reheating set up during inflation, and looking for possible observational implications. I have been also developing numerical methods which take advantage of high performance computing to improve our understanding of the evolution of non-equilibrium field theories. My broader research interests include cosmological perturbation theory, solitons and cosmic defects, phase transitions in the early Universe, primordial gravitational waves, primordial black holes, magnetogenesis and baryogenesis.




PhD in Theoretical Cosmology

Trinity College

University of Cambridge

Institute of Astronomy
Thesis advisor: Mustafa Amin

Project title: 'Reheating after Inflation'

Key research features:

  • A simple result for the equation of state after inflation in all observationally consistent single-field models of inflation.

  • A study of the nonlinear dynamics at the end of inflation and its impact on observables in physically motivated baryogenesis models with a complex inflaton field.

  • Analysis of more realistic (post-)inflationary models including Abelian and non-Abelian gauge fields in addition to the more traditional scalar fields.

  • Understanding the non-adiabatic particle production (preheating) in these models.

  • New algorithm to numerically study the nonlinear stage of reheating with gauge fields, taking advantage of high performance computing.

Masters of Science and BA in Natural Sciences

Trinity College

University of Cambridge


Theoretical and Experimental Physics


  • Grades: 1st Class in all 4 years. Thesis advisor: Dr. Jonathan Gair.

National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Sofia, Bulgaria
Advanced class for Physical sciences


  • Grades: Obtained A in the overall diploma with A* in the Bulgarian A-Level equivalent in Physics.



  • 2011: Top of the Year for the Natural Sciences Tripos (ranked 1st of 592 overall), University of Cambridge. 

  • 2010: Cavendish Part IA Prize (ranked 1st in Physics overall), University of Cambridge.

  • 2009: Silver Medal, participant at the International Physics Olympiad in Mexico.

  • 2008: Bronze Medal, participant at the International Physics Olympiad in Vietnam.


  • 2013: Graduate Scholar, Trinity College. 

  • 2012: Summer Research Studentship, Trinity College.

  • 2011: Senior Scholar, Trinity College.


  • 2013-2017: Undergraduate supervisor at University of Cambridge. Courses: 3rd year Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, Electrodynamics and Optics, Relativity; 1st year Physics. 

  • 2014: Participant at COSMOLOGY@KICC: outreach event at Kavli Institute for Cosmology Cambridge aimed at sixth form students to meet experts within the field of cosmology.

  • 2010: Leader of the Bulgarian national team, International Young Physicist Tournament in Vienna, Austria.

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